We are also offering prime rib and smoked turkey for the holidays!  Refer to the Holiday Meals tab!

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We can provide a staff to stay and serve your event.

Buffet Service

$2.50 per person: includes setup, buffet service with chafing dishes for keeping the food hot, breakdown and cleanup.

Full Table Service

$5 per person: includes entrees plated and served at table, continue service at table and cleanup.


Order by 5PM the day before the meal.

8 person minimum
order for each menu item.


Additional $1 per mile outside Abilene city limits.

(All Prices subject to change)



Casseroles $6.50/person

All casseroles served with fruit & salsa.

Bacon/Potato/Egg- Bacon, egg, cheese and hash brown taters.

Green Chili Strata- Layered tortillas, ham, eggs, green chilis, and mozzarella.

Egg /Sausage/Cheese- Eggs, breakfast sausage, cheese and bread.

Breakfast Burrito-Choice of sausage or bacon layered with tortillas, eggs and cheese.

Country Breakfast


Incudes Scrambled Eggs, Hashbrowns, Bacon, Sausage, Biscuits & Gravy and Muffins. (Add Fruit for $1 per person)

Coffee $1 per person

Juice $1 per person



Finger Foods

Shrimp or Salmon Crostini $1.50/each

Stuffed Mushrooms $1/each

Meatloaf Cupcakes $1.50/each

Coconut Chicken $1.50/each

Fruit Tray $2/person

Cheese & Cracker Tray $2/person

Finger Sandwiches $1.50 for 2

Bacon Wrapped Chicken $1.50/each

Goober Sliders $1.50 for 2

Texas Sized Meatballs $1.50/each

Italian Squares $1.50/each

Bruschetta Bites $1/each

Veggie Tray $2/person

Family Style Meals

All entrees served with one side and bread. Add additional side for $1/person.


Pot Roast $10/person

Brisket slow cooked in a mushroom onion gravy until it is fork tender and falling apart. Served with yeast rolls.

Spaghetti & Meatballs $8.50/person

Homemade Beef and Italian Sausage Meatballs served in a rich tomato sauce over spaghetti.  Served with garlic bread.

Chicken Carbonara

Penne pasta and grilled chicken with bacon in a parmesan cream sauce. Served with garlic bread.


Layered with 3 cheeses (ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan) and a hearty sauce with Italian sausage and beef. Served with garlic bread.

Salad Bar
$8/person (Add Chicken $1)

Three lettuce mixture with a variety of vegetables and toppings. Dressings include Ranch & Creamy Italian. Served with yeast rolls.

Goober Sliders

Mini whole beef patties mixed with spices on a sweet bun to give you the best tasting burger you’ve had since your last one. Served with American cheese.

Sandwich/Wrap Tray

Served on a rolls, croissants or flour tortillas. Meat includes turkey, ham or chicken salad. Cheeses include Swiss, Colby Jack, or Provolone.


A spicy Cajun mixture of rice, sausage and shrimp.  Served with cornbread.


A generous mixture of beef and spices with a tangy tomato based sauce. Served with yeast rolls.

King Ranch Chicken

A Texas favorite with pulled chicken, corn tortillas, mixed cheese and lots of Tex-Mex flavor. Served with yeast rolls.

Grilled Chicken Breast $8.50/person

Marinated Chicken Breast served with yeast rolls.

Chicken Spaghetti

An Italian favorite with a little Texas Yee-ha! Served with garlic bread.

Fajita Bar

Chicken and Beef Fajitas served with flour tortillas, onions & bell peppers, cheese, sour cream and guacamole.  Also comes with charro beans, spanish rice, tortilla chips and our homemade salsa.

Chicken Cordon Bleu $10/person

Chicken breast layered with ham and swiss cheese, lightly breaded and baked.  Served with yeast rolls.


Chicken with a verde sauce or beef with a red chili sauce. Served with tortilla chips and our homemade salsa.

Chicken Parmesan $8.50/person

Spaghetti topped with breaded chicken, homemade marinara sauce & mozzerella.  Served with garlic bread.

Breaded Pork Chops $9/person

Marinated boneless loin chops breaded and baked. Served with cream gravy and yeast rolls.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pork roast covered in a spicy rub and slow cooked tender. Served with buns and all the fixins.

Chicken Fried Chicken $9/person

Marinated Chicken breast breaded and baked.  Served with cream gravy and yeast rolls.

Beef Stroganoff $8.50/person

Egg noodles with beef & mushrooms in a creamy beef broth sauce. Served with rolls.

Chicken Teriyaki $8.50/person

Marinated Chicken with sautéed peppers and onions in a sweet and spicy teriyaki glaze served on a bed of rice. Served with rolls.



Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans

Wild Rice

Charro Beans

Spanish Rice

Roasted Red Potatoes

Broccoli Cheese Rice

Mixed Steamed Veggies

Baked Beans

Potato Salad

Macaroni & Cheese

Green Chili Corn

Fresh Cut Salad

Potato Chips

Cole Slaw

Pasta Salad


Tea                              $5/Gallon

Sweet or Unsweet